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  • Jam with other musicians online. Live. And in sync.

    Jam with other musicians online. Live. And in sync.

    Just like our newly built webradio, here’s a relic from the time when RSS was king (still is if you ask us). And guess what : we’ve decided to write about it in a blog post. So here it is : at a time when most musicians are stuck home, we’ve been reminded of one […]

  • Himuro Yoshiteru – View from the bottom LP

    Himuro Yoshiteru – View from the bottom LP

    https://himuro-yoshiteru.bandcamp.com/album/view-from-bottom While incredibly active as a sound designer and composer for movies, art projects, ads, this is the first release from japanese artist Himuro Yoshiteru, since OUR TURN, ANYTIME released in 2012 on OILWORKS Rec. Back in 2013, we were very honored to have one of his track open our second compilation, the excellent “Almost […]

  • Famelik – Angles

    angles : gravity I cube dub zero spin dub gravity II There was a period in which I had mostly given up on any kind of beats and rhythmic elements to focus on sound texture design, harmonics and duration. Only a few beat based tracks emerged from that period, those five were the most hypnotic […]

  • VA – EMINQC Vol 2

    VA – EMINQC Vol 2

    Unlog and EMinQc are proud to present the second edition of the collection of electronic music entirely created in Quebec. Created in 2012, the blog ‘Electro made in QC’ scans the rich landscape that is the electronic music scene in Quebec in search of rare gems, self-released projects, novelties, and experimental side-projects to share with […]

  • VA – Unlog Complex 09

    VA – Unlog Complex 09

    __ Here is the ninth volume of our Unlog Complex compilation serie. As usual, an eclectic blend of influences, and previously unreleased works from some of the usual suspects, but also some artists whose work recently came into our radar and who gave us an opportunity to present a different side of their work. With […]

  • Electronic Made in Québec – Volume 1

    Electronic Made in Québec – Volume 1

    Unlog et Electro Made in QC vous présentent le premier volume d’une nouvelle série, Unlog x Electro Made in Québec – Vol. 1 L’été démarre avec cette première série de découvertes, un avant goût de ce qui s’annonce dans cette nouvelle série, qui s’intéresse de très près à la musique électronique produite au Québec. Entre […]

  • UNLOg Podcast #13 – Noyl x Famelik

    _______________________________________ PODCAST :

  • UNLOg Podcast #12 – Engone Endong • Dimensions

    Long time no see, how have you been? It’s time for a new podcast. _______________________________________ Mood… _______________________________________ Engone also appears on our latest beat tape, tribute to Ravi Shankar, with the track Morning Bloom. _______________________________________ PODCAST : Download Unlog Podcast #12 1- Albior lude 2- HarpQuanta 3- Omega 4- Sous l’orage 5- Le Dominant 6- Ulquiora lude 7- Oh yeah! 8- Baybee […]

  • UNLOg Podcast #11 – Coco Bryce

    COCO BRYCE (MYOR / Fremdtunes / Harmönia / Lowriders / Saturate Records) Longer the wait, longer the podcast! A. Einstein Netherlands based DJ, producer and MYOR label owner, Coco Bryce delivers us a tasty and eclectic 1 hour long podcast, exploring different moods and vibes. Our advice : Listen to the full podcast, you might […]

  • UNLOg Podcast #10 – DJ Pound

    September… Let’s start over Summer’s not over with this podcast brought to you from San Diego by DJ Pound. Here we have an original beat set recorded on August 2nd at the Critical Beatdown event, a future hip hop weekly hosted in San Diego by DJ Pound, eLan, Mike Gao, DJ Cleancut. Let’s press play […]