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  • Snakes of Russia – At Home Alone With Lions

    Snakes of Russia – At Home Alone With Lions

    2020 – Digital EP After several months punctuated by impressive modular rig shots, enigmatic sound design videos, ritualistic filmic objects, and a few singles released on Bandcamp, we finally get a clearer picture from the black and white world of LA producer Snakes of Russia, in the form of a first self released EP named […]



    Behind this enigmatic motto lies one rich and fascinating art project, an interconnection between Japan, Europe, fashion, visual arts underground electronic music. After 6 years of patience, a third compilation came out this month, released precisely on Earth Day.

  • Wiklow – Bloom

    Wiklow – Bloom Link to all available streaming platforms “Bloom” is the latest experiment from Canadian downtempo artist Wiklow (Michael Gary Dean). Fuelled by recent audio-visual collaborations with artists Push 1 stop and Diagraf, Wiklow merges computer-generated rhythms with sensitively crafted melodies. In “Bloom”, Wiklow shows us a path between chaos and cadence, discovering softness in […]

  • bplrxxiii – Weird Cult

    bplrxxiii – Weird Cult Link to main streaming platforms : Weird cult est un album produits dans une optique bass experimental avec une connotation “vodoo”. 80% des sons ont été enregistrés avec les objets qui se trouvent autour de moi. Je vis en forêt. Cette forêt est très inspirante car elle dégage un certain mysticisme. Les sons […]

  • Himuro Yoshiteru – View from the bottom LP

    Himuro Yoshiteru – View from the bottom LP While incredibly active as a sound designer and composer for movies, art projects, ads, this is the first release from japanese artist Himuro Yoshiteru, since OUR TURN, ANYTIME released in 2012 on OILWORKS Rec. Back in 2013, we were very honored to have one of his track open our second compilation, the excellent “Almost […]

  • PLUG’N’PRAY #01

    PLUG’N’PRAY #01

    A new music selection, zooming on blurrier edges of club music, smashing a few orange cones on the way.

  • Up High Collective x Vorace – Binomium / Helophïo’s Hunt” (20/20 LDN Recordings)

    Up High Collective x Vorace – Binomium / Helophïo’s Hunt” (20/20 LDN Recordings) 20/20 LDN are set to release ‘Binomium’, a collaborative EP between Up High Collective and Vorace. The raw sound of minimalist hip-hop beats with a dark techno undertone is a strange crossover of the individual styles of Up High and Vorace. Synths slowly evolve into new sounds, accompanied by a steady 808 drum machine, […]

  • Alexandre – Brrrrrah / Mash It Up

    Alexandre – Brrrrrah / Mash It Up

    Latest signature on Sound Museum is this 2 track EP by Austin-based producer Alexandre. This is his second release on the iconic black and white imprint, sister label of Saturate Records, which explores music that all kinds of refined experiments that derive from dubstep, drum and bass, hip-hop, trap, techno, UK and footwork. Brrrrrah / […]

  • Famelik – Angles

    angles : gravity I cube dub zero spin dub gravity II There was a period in which I had mostly given up on any kind of beats and rhythmic elements to focus on sound texture design, harmonics and duration. Only a few beat based tracks emerged from that period, those five were the most hypnotic […]