Up High Collective x Vorace – Binomium / Helophïo’s Hunt” (20/20 LDN Recordings)


20/20 LDN are set to release ‘Binomium’, a collaborative EP between Up High Collective and Vorace. The raw sound of minimalist hip-hop beats with a dark techno undertone is a strange crossover of the individual styles of Up High and Vorace. Synths slowly evolve into new sounds, accompanied by a steady 808 drum machine, glued together by routing signal paths through tape delays, preamps in overdrive and voltage controlled MS20 filters.

“It’s the first time we did a collaboration like this. Most beat makers that visited our studio don’t fit our style or just don’t know how to get around with the gear. We’re very stubborn when it comes to crafting our music, we have a certain sound in our head and we stick to it. So when Vorace came to Belgium, completely unexpected and unannounced, we jammed for a couple of hours and were surprised how easily it all came together. This never happened before, so we said, “Ok, let us set a date and do this properly”. So we did. Vorace came back a few months later and stayed for three days. We set up some rules like; no overdubs, no sampling, no pre-programmed sequencing, everything played live, only cutting out the best parts and pasting them together. At the end of the three days we had 92GB of recordings of bleeps, trash, noise and beats: the result is what you hear.”
– Up High Collective

Also, shout out to our friend LLL, talented VJ and visual creator, who is responsible for the animation below.

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