BPLRXXIII – Dome to Caddie remixes

As a follow up to his album Weird Cult, released on Unlog in November 2019, Quebec based artist Bplrxxiii collected seven remixes of his now iconic track Dome to Caddie.
Playful tribute to the classic Come To Daddy, Bplrxxiii’s original is a whole world in itself, a daring mixture of experimental bass, dreamy synths, vocal chops and signature field recording, which gave the eight remixers a wide range of elements to build upon and deliver equally playful tracks each in his own style.

Least to say is that with Dome to Caddie – Remixes Bplrxxiii, took us in a strange territory What we have here is an icebreaker, a window into his influences and extended music family. Introducing his hardcore-techno background with the likes of MB and Lityk, notable additions by members of the Full Con Records family (irreverent home of many of his previous releases), a cruise controlled minimal roller by PLUG’N’PRAY, a rare incursion into glitch territory by TSF, as well a slapping introduction to by Bobby BBQ, long time collaborators with Bplrxxiii to which we owe one of our next long format release.

Get the original on the excellent Weird Cult album. by bplrxxiii: https://bplrxxiii.bandcamp.com/album/weird-cult

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