Himuro Yoshiteru – View from the bottom LP


While incredibly active as a sound designer and composer for movies, art projects, ads, this is the first release from japanese artist Himuro Yoshiteru, since OUR TURN, ANYTIME released in 2012 on OILWORKS Rec. Back in 2013, we were very honored to have one of his track open our second compilation, the excellent “Almost Robot” open for our second compilation, a precisely crafted banger that not only hit like a ton of bricks, but also paved the way for some of our more experimental and IDM releases, such as Fausto Mercier, and Romanowitch‘s “I’m done

Needless to say, a new album from Himuro Yoshiteru was something we’ve been longing to hear for a while now, and needless to say, ‘View from the bottom‘ delivers. From the dark and ominous ambience haunting The Gate, an opening track that’s highly reminiscent of what we’ve known in past works, we then move towards compositions that incorporate more melodic and cinematic elements that state the obvious : each track of this project is a demo of worldbuilding each evolving according to its own rules. Not only it is a great display of production and composition skills, this album reveals a large palette of influences, used in all its diversity to create an uncanny mix of novelty and familiarity.

In a hurry? Check the track Venn Diagram, and come back later

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Trailer for Netflix’s Devilman Crybaby

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