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  • Unlog Radio : A wrap-up

    Unlog Radio : A wrap-up

    Unlog Radio was quite a ride. Born during the confinment-gate, Unlog Radio was a great way for us to experiment and take the temperature on what can be done in 2020 to build your own music platform. The webradio format was a deliberate choice, as it was a time-proof solution, accessible using open source tools, […]

  • BPLRXXIII – Dome to Caddie remixes

    BPLRXXIII – Dome to Caddie remixes

    As a follow up to his album Weird Cult, released on Unlog in November 2019, Quebec based artist Bplrxxiii collected seven remixes of his now iconic track Dome to Caddie.Playful tribute to the classic Come To Daddy, Bplrxxiii’s original is a whole world in itself, a daring mixture of experimental bass, dreamy synths, vocal chops […]

  • VA – EMINQC – VOL.3

    VA – EMINQC – VOL.3

    24 JUIN // JUNE 24th VA – EMINQC Vol. 3 by Unlog

  • Snakes of Russia – At Home Alone With Lions

    Snakes of Russia – At Home Alone With Lions

    2020 – Digital EP After several months punctuated by impressive modular rig shots, enigmatic sound design videos, ritualistic filmic objects, and a few singles released on Bandcamp, we finally get a clearer picture from the black and white world of LA producer Snakes of Russia, in the form of a first self released EP named […]

  • Cheb Runner – Tagnawit EP

    Cheb Runner – Tagnawit EP

    2020 – Digital EP Tagnawit EP the first project of Cheb Runner (formerly known as GAN-GAH) and the latest addition to the rich catalog of the belgian label Rebel Up Records. Counting artists such as Nuri, Arabstazy and Susobrino, in their catalogue. the Belgian label has been introduced to me a couple years ago (thanks […]

  • Flore – RITUALS

    Flore – RITUALS

    2020 – Digital album – Vinyl Quiet force behind Polaar Sounds, a label that delivered some of the most mature and forward thinking bass-music mutations we’ve heard in the past couple years, french artist Flore‘s artistic path has ben a fascinating one to follow. Seeking balance between the soundsystem infused fabric of her DJ persona, […]

  • Ozferti – Solarius Gamma

    Ozferti – Solarius Gamma

    Featured in one of our previous compilations (Southern Dreams, Unlog Complex #08 – 2017), Ozferti grew to become of the leading artists of a new strain of afro-futuristic revival we’ve been witnessing in the past few years in electronic music. His album Solarius Gamma, released last March can definitely attest it.



    Behind this enigmatic motto lies one rich and fascinating art project, an interconnection between Japan, Europe, fashion, visual arts underground electronic music. After 6 years of patience, a third compilation came out this month, released precisely on Earth Day.

  • Jam with other musicians online. Live. And in sync.

    Jam with other musicians online. Live. And in sync.

    Just like our newly built webradio, here’s a relic from the time when RSS was king (still is if you ask us). And guess what : we’ve decided to write about it in a blog post. So here it is : at a time when most musicians are stuck home, we’ve been reminded of one […]

  • Wiklow – Bloom

    Wiklow – Bloom Link to all available streaming platforms “Bloom” is the latest experiment from Canadian downtempo artist Wiklow (Michael Gary Dean). Fuelled by recent audio-visual collaborations with artists Push 1 stop and Diagraf, Wiklow merges computer-generated rhythms with sensitively crafted melodies. In “Bloom”, Wiklow shows us a path between chaos and cadence, discovering softness in […]