Unlog and EMinQc are proud to present the second edition of the collection of electronic music entirely created in Quebec.
Created in 2012, the blog ‘Electro made in QC’ scans the rich landscape that is the electronic music scene in Quebec in search of rare gems, self-released projects, novelties, and experimental side-projects to share with its readers. In 2017, EMinQC goes further and partners with Unlog to create the EMINQC compilations series, of which this is the second volume.

Between ambient and electronica, textural worlds and synthetic layers, this second incursion into electronic music made icitte will make you discover previously unreleased works by Axel Helios, Vince Konigan, Camille Frey, BSLC, V.ictor, Wiklow, Dom Dumoulin, viñu-vinu and Claudette (TSF & Native Cell).

In 2018, the project will go further with the creation of the Silicon Beats series of events. Silicon Beats are monthly events during which the community meets around an electronic jam punctuated by performances of guest artists.

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Released October 29, 2018

Mastering: Jean-Patrice Remillard (
Art: Jérôme Guilleaume
Cover: Mourad Bncr
Compilation montée sous la supervision de Jérôme Guilleaume

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