Unlog Podcast #3 – Mr Mute

Today, we’re proud to put out this release provided by our portuguese unlogger Mr Mute. He did for us a selection of funky grooves, chill tunes and some kuduro beats hotly mixed for you dears.


For the tracklist or some bookings, you can contact him directly by clicking HERE!

As well, here’re the three questions answered by the Mute.

))) Give us your idea of what the music will be 6 months from now.

It will be like today. It always depends on who listens and judges and interprets without prior knowledge or bias.

))) What’s your top 5 ?

peace, unity, having fun, honesty and open mindedness

))) What is the most disturbing thing you’ve seen/heard this week?

That Bin Laden was still alive and this mix

As freebies, Mr mute just said this:

“to anyone who comments on Unlog’s post of this mix, answering the exact same three questions + saying what they think of the mix will get an exclusive sample pack of african and eastern percussion.”

So diggers, you know exactly what to do, just give us some feelings and you’ll get some fresh samples.

Cheers and see ya for the next one (which may sound really hot !!!)

0 Responses to “Unlog Podcast #3 – Mr Mute”

  1. 1- I don´t even what´s going to happen tomorrow let alone 6 months.

    2- Music, Barcelona FC, francesinha, Alpens muesli and toblerone.

    3- to get throat cancer you must have a throat!

    about the mix: Don´t press mute! you´ll regreat it!

  2. Hey Tiago! I’ll write in english so everybody understands. Thank you or the comment!!! I am currently in Croatia on holiday and will be back to Lisbon on the 14th. Expect the link to download the sample pack on your email by the 15th, ok?

    Um abraço,


  3. 1°/ I think, in 6th month, some mad dudes will create the “bin landen’step” ^^

    – beats
    – bass
    – heavy sample
    – some fuckin groovy things
    – some dirty hell head nodding


    That mix is just really good, nothing’s too much, great selection, simply mixed, it’s maybe the 20th replay i did in 5 days. muito obrigado senhor mute para isso, é grande !!

    i need that sample pack and that great playlist =D
    mr muter, you know how to contact =D