Unlog Podcast #1

UNLOg podcast #1 - Mr Freeze

Here it is…

Our goal is reached, the Unlog Podcasts are now on. I’m quite proud to be the first to introduce all this long list of freshness to come. If everything works as expected, you dear UNLOgGERZ will be served a new podcast every two weeks, podcast made by artists especially chosen to please your lovely ears.

As well, we aim to give a panel of different styles of music and mixing techniques thru those podcast. Be aware, some really heavy shit will be dropped!!

As real geeks and music lovers, we don’t plan to just offer you a mix and fuck it. Each podcast will be served with a few questions, to let the dj/beatmaker express himself and also some leave us some free stuff, like free 320’s, some goodies in all sorts, some sound programming presets, graphic stuff, a naked latex wall-paper or so…

Enough blah blah, let’s get it on!


The first podcast is released by Mr. Freeze from Belgium.

Download Unlog Podcast #1

As explained before, i’ll answer a few open questions, which will be the same for every podcaster in the future.

Give us your idea of what the music will be 6 months from now.

Wowowowow, even if i knew the question before, I’m still confused when it comes to have to answer to that. I think in six months, let’s say deep summer, it’ll be the summer dance and fancy over-hyped producers period. I’m quite sure the dubstep-ish will do a smash-down into the pop “music”. Those hyper-bass and energy will be completely robbed by some fuckers like guetta or some of his blond mates. It’s already about to be robbed with all the intros and dance-part into dubstep massive tunes. Skrillex, Doctor P, Flux P won’t stop to use them to make the 15’s ladies move. Fuck that, let’s get nasty/heavy and keep it ruff as we love to.

What’s your top 5 ?


  1. Tunisians / Egyptians /Lybians !!!
  2. Slugabed  (who signed on Ninja Tune btw)
  3. Alphe pup rec.
  4. Foreign beggars
  5. Cupp cave / Bretzel Zoo

What is the most disturbing thing you’ve seen/heard this week?

Your free stuff now?

Mr Freezy – Carenaz, available for free download. Enjoy 😉