RXX – Black & Gold Sunset

RXX, also known as R33 Soundmakin’, defines his music as a an exploration of personal moods. With a strong musical background as an multi-instrumentalist and vocalist he’s developed his sound working for years with dub, reggae, funk and soul hip-hop band projects. Building on this musical background, he then explored and excelled as a beatmaker in several genres including classic boom bap to broken beats, nu-soul, abstract, deep house and trap. R33’s rich career in music led him to collaborate and tour with artists such as Blurum13 from Oneself, Melodiq, Vida Jafari, Reach and Miki Vale.

Based in Lyon (France), he remains deeply connected to the Montreal beat scene. After a few notable apparitions on our Unlog Complex compilations and a strong release on french label Beat x Changers (KW∆TØ, pronounced Kwato), ‘Black & Gold Sunset’ is his very first EP on Unlog. With a solid production and a unique style he’s matured for years, RXX reconnects with his RnB, soul and hip hop roots with 5 tracks that include the single Boundless, collab with canadian emcee Panther Matumona.

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