Ce printemps, la SAT met à l’honneur la création musicale montréalaise à l’occasion d'une nouvelle série d'événements : Sub·Strate !

Unlog, Archipel Musique Canada et susy.technology auront carte blanche pour créer trois shows exclusifs de musique immersive dans l’espace sonore unique qu’offre la Satosphère et ses plus de 150 hauts-parleurs.

Show : 20h

Conseil : Arrivez tôt pour avoir les meilleures places !


Infos + Billets ► http://sat.qc.ca/substrate
20 mai + 27 mai + 10 juin - 20h à 23h
18 ans et plus



Raising from his Hip-Hop beginnings in Libreville, Gabon, Engone Endong moved to Montreal, Canada, in 2005 where he honed his craft as a producer-beatmaker-scientist of sound. In2015, here released his first project on Unlog called #OKENG : Influenced by African Tradition, Japanese Shinto and futuristic sounds, #OKENG, meaning “SWORD” in his mother tongue Fang, is also an initiatic journey into the African Culture through samples from Mvett , Highlife, Bwiti and Afrobeat. 


Coming from an electroacoustic background, Axel Helios made his teeth on the Montreal Techno scene. At the head of his own labels Shabu Recordings and, more recently, Heard Island, Axel pushes for sounds that defies the norm, while fulling embracing the term «Leftfield» as a vast canvas for creation. Taking inspiration on different avenues like Lovecraft's imagery, the concept of the «soul within the machine» and nature's organic chaos, Axel tries to implement an invisible movie-like narrative to his material

Long time friend of Unlog, we're proud to have Axel around for this premiere, he who also helped us shape the Unlog sound as the sound engineer behind our early projects.

Real « Man Orchestra" of the beatmaking era, the Montrealer Téhu has refined a style of composition and performance unique of its kind. His latest EP Boulevard gathers a selection of nine musical sketches, a priori devoted to the ephemeral of the stage performance, created from live looped sequences. For this augmented live set, Téhu teams up with saxophone player Hugo Lamontagne and producer Famelik.


With a mix between analog synth arpeggios, heavy and textured drums and progressive build-ups, Arcane was one of the highlights of our 7th Unlog Complex compilation. Vince Konigan has recently worked in collaboration with Vincent Brault on the A/V experience PLATEAUX (residency at the Society for Arts and Technology), project in which he refined his work on spatial audio and immersive landscapes. For this exclusive performance, he invites live drums to the party for a proper introduction to his future projects, soon to be announced on this very website.